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Italoamerican Baby D • イタロアメリカン Baby D
f0040929_15431196.jpgI love kids especially if they belong to my friends and family. He is Italo-American. So cute!
I thought I had a busy life, but actually he has one himself. And his mom was going crazy. Within the 2 hours, he played, had milk, slept, cried, threw up, sniffed by his dog, changed a few times, throw toys on the floor 100 times, .........Good job D!!!

His parents are Italians. They speak to him in Italian. So, since babies learns and remember new things like a sponge, he will be understanding Italians better than me in no time.....


だって2時間の間に、遊んで、ミルク飲んで、寝て、泣いて、吐いて、犬に匂いかぎまくられ、衣装替え数回、おもちゃを床に100回は落として、・・・・Good Job!!!


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by dolcemilia | 2006-02-27 16:09 | Los Angeles ・ロサンジェルス
Ronald Regan Library • レーガン元大統夫人の赤いプライベート書斎拝見!!!

夫人が実際使われているデスクやソファー(ミーハーにも座っちゃいました)は、赤がお好きなのか、よく使われている. 丘の上で景色もいい。
It was my memorable lucky day, and I was invited to have lunch in the special VIP only Mrs. Nancy Regan's room on the hill top in Simi Valley. These are the actual furniture she uses. I think she loves red. Lunch was delicious.

書斎には各国の国王から中曽根元総理や各国の首相、ヨハネパオロ2世、エリザベス女王やダイアナ王妃と一緒に、現役時代のレーガン大統領のあのカルスマチックな笑顔(I love it!)がたくさんの写真がかざられている。その中でもエリザベス女王がスピーチをされている横に座られているレーガン大統領が反っくり返って大笑いされてる写真(この3枚のうち一番左)が印象的。
In her office, there are numerous photos of them with Kings and Queens, presidents to prime ministers, Joanne Paolo II and more with his charismatic smile (I love it!). Within all the photos, there was one most interesting photo of President Regan with Queen Elizabeth. Queen was making a speech and president Regan was laughing very hard. (the photo on the very left)

Numerous magazine cover with his images. He is a great looking guy. All the photos look amazing.

Museum is open to public where the Airforce1 is displayed and you get to go in where Presidents really flew.f0040929_1325341.jpgf0040929_133862.jpg

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by dolcemilia | 2006-02-25 13:10 | Celebrity •セレブ情報
Little Paris in LA • ロサンジェルスにある リトルパリ Cafè Marly
There is a little Paris like place in LA. Very cozy, and really makes you almost smell the air of Paris, where my charming French girl friend greet you saying Bonjour!
(BTW, Bring her French Nestle Dark chocolate with real coco in it, and she will be crying for joy!!!)
Of course....the food is great. I love their salad. They have Tarte Tatin as well!!!
Cafè Marly
もち、お食事も美味しい。個人的にはサラダがお気に入り。Tarte Tatinもあるよ。Cafè Marly

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by dolcemilia | 2006-02-23 14:57 | Gourmet•グルメ
Santa Monica Bum/Jogger/Puppy サンタモニカの浮浪者/ジョッガー/パピー
It was a sunny Sunday, and I went to Santa Monica Beach on my bike through San Vicente Blvd. Many joggers were getting ready for LA Marathon to be held on 3/19/06

Next to the people strolling down with puppy, there are many bums here. They used to stay in town, but now they are pushed away to this sunny beach. They don't have money but not harmful people

As this puppy passed by, he posed with sweet innocent face for me. I want a puppy!!!

The other side, elderly people are into some kind of game. The tree behind is very nice and big. Behind that you see very expensive prime location Santa Monica Beach frong condominiums

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by dolcemilia | 2006-02-22 03:40 | Los Angeles ・ロサンジェルス
Simple soup in Capri •カプリで習ったシンプルスープ
f0040929_311697.jpgf0040929_3103741.jpg命名 • カプリスープ (カプリのお友達に習いました)
• 深めのお皿を用意する。
• 写真にあるような具を入れる(オリーブ、ツナ、バジリコ、タイム、かりかりのクルトン、オニオン等) *具に決まりは無いのでクリエーティブに好きな物
• この上にレモンをしぼり、塩こしょう。
• 沸騰したお湯をかけて、できあがり。



A friend of mine in Capri taught me this soup. So, I name this Capri Soup.
Quite simple and healthy. If the ingredients are great, it will come out delicious.

• Prepare deep dish
• As you see in the photo, put ingredients in the dish. (Olives, Tuna, Basil, Tyme, Hard and tasty croutons, onion and more) There are no rules in what you put, so be creative.
• Squeeze lemon. Salt and Pepper
• Put boiling hot water onto this dish
And you are ready for delicious lunch.

With this, tasty bread and white wine goes good together. And it's a wrap!

by dolcemilia | 2006-02-18 03:39 | Capri (カプリ島) Italy
Crazy Feburary Weather ロスでは異常的な暑い2月

Basically Los Angeles, Italy, and Japan have about the same latitude. One of the coldest winter in Europe and Asia. And we, in Los Angeles, are having the hotteest winter. (Not the warmest. It is hottest.) I am using air conditioning everyday at home. And we don't have much rain either which is nice.....but kind of worries me.



by dolcemilia | 2006-02-15 06:25 | Los Angeles ・ロサンジェルス
Bicerin in Torino, ITALY ・トリノで有名な美味しいチョコエスプレッソドリンク 
1/3 espresso, (no joke bitter but good one)
1/3 hot, strong chocolate, (got to be the good bitter-sweet)
1/3 cold cream. (whipped or as you like, heavy cream is better)
To be served in a glass.

This drink is originated by Best Cafe Bar in Italy Awards winning Cafè Bicerin.
Great cold Torino Olympics.


1/3 エスプレッソ (美味しくて、苦めが良い)
1/3 ホットチョコレート(ココア、ビタースィート、この質も大切)
1/3 クリーム (Milkなど、好きずき.ヘビークリーム系がお勧め)


by dolcemilia | 2006-02-10 17:58 | Gourmet•グルメ
f0040929_16131978.jpgDieting is one of the most important issues in the world, and in my world. (you know I love eating!!!)
On the way to Las Vegas, I ate at "Bob's Big Boy" hamberger place (not by my choice). Just take a look at this big tammy on BOB. They are saying "If you eat our hamberger, we guaranty you will have this stomach!!!".
I also stopped by at the restaurant name HASH HOUSE A GO GO in Las Vegas. The potion of each plate was about 4x of the normal. No wonder we get FAT easily in US.
My mom and friends in Japan eat a lot incuding sweets and alchol, and they don't gain weight. How do they do that????
I always eat a lot in Italy since the food is delicious, including some of the fatning food as cheese and Pasta.Surprizingly, I always end up loosing weight. I work out about the same amount, so I don't understand it. I hear a lot of people had the similar experience.
I wonder the hormons in American food is making us FAT???


ラスベガスに行く途中にある『BOB'sBIG BOY』というハンバーガーレストランに友達が行きたいということで行った。この看板のボブのお腹に注目。まるで『ここのハンバーガーを食べれば、このお腹に絶対なれます』と胸はって言ってるみたい。
ラスベガスでもハッシュハウス ア ゴーゴーという店に行った。ここの一皿ポーションも普通の4倍ぐらい。アメリカ人の肥満の理由がここにあるかも。

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by dolcemilia | 2006-02-10 17:03 | Los Angeles ・ロサンジェルス
Why I love Italy (1/many) • イタリアが好きなその理由は? やっぱりマンジャ マンジャ!
One of the strongest reasons why I love Italy is, same as so many others do, I love the food. And I am talking about the simplest food. Of course the high quality start chef restaurants make great food in each region of the world, but for the simplest cooking, I would say, YES Italy got going on.
This photo was at my friend's house in country side of Rome on Sunday. They get together on Sundays to for friends/family gathering. I love it! (I follow their conversation only less than 30%......but it was fun)
I did not use flash to make the photo prettier, becase as you see is what I saw.
He made seafood pasta and it was amazing.


この写真はローマ郊外にあるお友達の家です。毎週日曜日になると、お友達や家族が集まって、こんな感じでワイワイ過ごしらっしゃいます. こういうビッグファミリーで集まるのは、最高に楽しい。(大切な会話は30%以下しかフォローできませんでした。でも良かった。)

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by dolcemilia | 2006-02-08 02:13 | Roma•ローマ
Follow the cat (Calcata, Italy) • ネコの道案内 カルカータ、イタリア
Many cats live in Calcata, and they walk right in the middle of the street like they own the place. So, I followed their lead and greeted some of his buddies.




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by dolcemilia | 2006-02-06 12:19 | Roma•ローマ