Italoamerican Baby D • イタロアメリカン Baby D
f0040929_15431196.jpgI love kids especially if they belong to my friends and family. He is Italo-American. So cute!
I thought I had a busy life, but actually he has one himself. And his mom was going crazy. Within the 2 hours, he played, had milk, slept, cried, threw up, sniffed by his dog, changed a few times, throw toys on the floor 100 times, .........Good job D!!!

His parents are Italians. They speak to him in Italian. So, since babies learns and remember new things like a sponge, he will be understanding Italians better than me in no time.....


だって2時間の間に、遊んで、ミルク飲んで、寝て、泣いて、吐いて、犬に匂いかぎまくられ、衣装替え数回、おもちゃを床に100回は落として、・・・・Good Job!!!


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by dolcemilia | 2006-02-27 16:09 | Los Angeles ・ロサンジェルス

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