Ronald Regan Library • レーガン元大統夫人の赤いプライベート書斎拝見!!!

夫人が実際使われているデスクやソファー(ミーハーにも座っちゃいました)は、赤がお好きなのか、よく使われている. 丘の上で景色もいい。
It was my memorable lucky day, and I was invited to have lunch in the special VIP only Mrs. Nancy Regan's room on the hill top in Simi Valley. These are the actual furniture she uses. I think she loves red. Lunch was delicious.

書斎には各国の国王から中曽根元総理や各国の首相、ヨハネパオロ2世、エリザベス女王やダイアナ王妃と一緒に、現役時代のレーガン大統領のあのカルスマチックな笑顔(I love it!)がたくさんの写真がかざられている。その中でもエリザベス女王がスピーチをされている横に座られているレーガン大統領が反っくり返って大笑いされてる写真(この3枚のうち一番左)が印象的。
In her office, there are numerous photos of them with Kings and Queens, presidents to prime ministers, Joanne Paolo II and more with his charismatic smile (I love it!). Within all the photos, there was one most interesting photo of President Regan with Queen Elizabeth. Queen was making a speech and president Regan was laughing very hard. (the photo on the very left)

Numerous magazine cover with his images. He is a great looking guy. All the photos look amazing.

Museum is open to public where the Airforce1 is displayed and you get to go in where Presidents really flew.f0040929_1325341.jpgf0040929_133862.jpg

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