Little Paris in LA • ロサンジェルスにある リトルパリ Cafè Marly
There is a little Paris like place in LA. Very cozy, and really makes you almost smell the air of Paris, where my charming French girl friend greet you saying Bonjour!
(BTW, Bring her French Nestle Dark chocolate with real coco in it, and she will be crying for joy!!!)
Of course....the food is great. I love their salad. They have Tarte Tatin as well!!!
Cafè Marly
もち、お食事も美味しい。個人的にはサラダがお気に入り。Tarte Tatinもあるよ。Cafè Marly

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by dolcemilia | 2006-02-23 14:57 | Gourmet•グルメ

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