Ashes and Snow in Santa Monica. サンタモニカ. 必見のアートAshes and Snow
f0040929_11345319.jpgShe lives in Santa Monica. She is hungry.
She needs my attention. She posed for me.
But she is not the main subject on the blog today unfortunatelly.
The important thing is.......
Why she is in Sepia?

It is because I got influenced by going to see Ashes and Snow exhibit today.

Photo and film by the Gregory Colbert.
Take a Enhanced Experience.
Please check the web site.
Words can not explain the beauty and serine feel I got today.
If this exhibit comes to your town.
I strongly recommend for you to go see. (Supposed to go to Paris, Beijing, Tokyo,...)

The building of the museum was also nice. It was by renowned architect Shigeru Ban. Below, I have a photo of outside of the building.



はい。というのは、今日Ashes and snowという展示に行ってきて、影響されました。
これは、Gregory Colbert氏の写真とフィルムです。
Enhanced Experienceをクリック

尚、この展示場のビルは有名な建築アーティストのばんしげる(坂 茂)さんのアートです。

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by dolcemilia | 2006-01-30 11:48 | Los Angeles ・ロサンジェルス

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