People in Pizzo(ピッツォ)、Calabria, Italy に普通に生活してる人達:八百屋さん Grocery shop

In the next few blog upload, I will introduce the photos I took in the little town of Pizzo. They were born, grew up, married there. Totally local people. All of them were shot at the biggest piazza in town(which was fairly small), which you can go around within 2 minutes.


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Today's photo is Vegetable/fruit vender uncle.
He has only few teeth left.
Guessing that he ate too much gelato. In this area, sweets as gelato are so good and temptiing us everyday.

I bought vegies here and cooked at home.
If I ask how I should cook them, the lecture last for about 10 minutes. Even grandma and wife will come help the receipe.

They also gave me extra stuff to take home.
Growing up in the city with Supermarket, I was very happy to find the warmth of the people in this mode.

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by dolcemilia | 2006-01-17 16:09 | Pizzo (ピッツォ) Italy

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