Joe's Shanghai • 有名な小龍包 in New York
Joe's Shanghaiというどの国のガイドブックにも載っている小龍包のお店がある。美味しいということで大評判。香港風のお料理をだしてくれる。
でも、Joe's Shanghaiは、旅行者が相席して食べるような感じのお店ということなので、その何件か隣にある、Joe's Gingerという兄弟店(ここは普通のテーブルクロスもちゃんとかかった相席はしなくて良いレストラン)に行って、有名な小龍包をいただいた。


There is a famouse Hong Kong style restaurant in New York. They serve famous and delicious Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao). This place has been introduced in guide books all around the world.
But....... Joe's Shanghai is a restaurant which you need to share your table with other tourist from the other side of the world (which could be fun), we have decided to go to a few doors down, Joe's Ginger, which is owned by Joe's brother.
And had the famous Soup dumplings.
Since I walked from Carnegie Hall area, I was starving. So, I enjoyed the food to the fullest.

by dolcemilia | 2006-05-31 15:23 | New York • ニューヨーク

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