Hot New York Restaurant MEGU • ニュ−ヨークのホットでトレンディーなレストランMEGU
New York ミッドタウウンのトランプタワー(写真の黄金に光った背の高いビル。ドナルド・トランプのタワーで松井選手を初め世界中のお金持ちが住んでいる)の中に新しく2件目をオープンした.



サービスは 5星.
47th + 1st Av  212-964-7777


f0040929_12401635.jpgI just went to New York. I was lucky that it did not rain, and had a great Gourmet trip. So, here I would like to intorduce some of the restaurants that I enjoyed.

They just opened the 2nd one in Midtown in the Traump Tower. (The golden tall building in the photo where rich and famos live including Matsui in Giants).
You can see the restaurant from outside, when you go in, there is a stairs which are illuminated in very trendy set up. Once you get to the top, there is a Bar and VIP lounge.

Interia of the restaurant is simple, trendy, nice cool color cordination and sexy.
Food was fabulous but I did not get to enjoy fully because the presentation and other atmospher got me out of focused.
5 star service for sure
Price is about $180 per person.
47th + 1st ave 212-964-7777

by dolcemilia | 2006-05-17 12:23 | New York • ニューヨーク

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