Zucchini Flowers w/ Gorgonzola Cheese • ゴルゴンゾーラチーズ入りズッキーニの花
f0040929_926358.jpgSpring is here. I happen to pass by Santa Monica Farmer's Market the other day, and decided to get Zucchini flowers. I kind of created this recipe. Well, I have heard stuffed Zucchini flower before, and I am sure it is known in certain part of the world, but I did not know how and what to do. So, experimented by putting Gorgonzola Cheese in. And it was THE winner!

Recipe : simple as it looks.
•Stuff Zucchini flowers with Gorgonzola Cheese
• Lightly put flour or some kind of flying butter (Lighter the better to enjoy the full freshness of the flower and the cheese)
• Cook in little olive oil (4 tbs), mid-high heat, flip over zucchini 30 sec each
(here, I am sure you can deep fly if you put thicker butter, but I personally enjoy the little crispy cheese melting out of the flowers. So, for that reason, I used little oil instead of deep flying.)
Now, mangia mangia with a nice glass of wine!



・ ズッキーニの花にゴルゴンゾーラチーズを詰める。
・ 軽く小麦粉をまぶす。(天ぷら粉とかでも良いと思いますが、軽い方がズッキーニの美味しさやフレッシュさが味わえると思います)


by dolcemilia | 2006-04-25 09:58 | Gourmet•グルメ

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