Gourmet Thank You Card • グルメお礼のカード
先日お友達のお家でこんな美味しい朝食を出してもらったので、手持ちのソニーのサイバーショットで写して、雑誌っぽくタイトル書いて、横にお手紙を付けて Thank You Card として出したのが結構反響良かったのでフログに紹介です。お手紙のところは記事のようにしてあったのですが、そこはブログにはカット。





My girl friend made me this fabulous Japanese breakfast the other day. I had Sony Cyber Shot with me, so I shot this little photo, out title as a magazine, also letter on the side which looks almost like an article, and sended to her as a thank you card. Since everyone loved this card, I decided to put on my blog. I cut out the section where I put my letter to her.
She did such a great job cooking these with slight YUZU magic.

by dolcemilia | 2006-04-06 16:00 | Gourmet•グルメ

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