The best cafe in LA • ロスの美味しいCafeのご紹介
f0040929_9125616.jpgWest LAにある美味しいお寿司レストランのヒコ寿司のママ(写真左)に美味しいコーヒーショップを教えていただいた。教えていただいてから、殆ど毎日はまって通ってる。

Hiko sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants in LA, and wife of the owner introduced me this fabulous coffe shop in WEST LA.

Cafe Balcony. (West LA.Centinela+Santa Monica Blvd)
ここは、太鼓判大お勧め!!! はまってみてください。

Cafe Balcony ( is in West LA. The corner of Centinela and Santa MOnica Blvd. They use Siphone coffee. And make each cup by cup. Just forget about Starbacks and coffee bean and go to this place. You will be so much happier. The espresso is as close as the one from Italy as well. It is just the best!!!! Recommend highly.

by dolcemilia | 2006-03-28 09:21 | Gourmet•グルメ

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