Buddha's Relics in PASADENA • 仏陀のRelics (遺骨)参拝 
LOVE & KINDNESS have no label (Love と Kindness に国境も宗教もない)
f0040929_3521478.jpgPasadenaにて3日間のみ, お釈迦様や他仏教を極めたマスター達の遺骨(パール状の美しい)を参拝できる機会があった。私個人は特に宗教を持っていないけれども、この遺骨を参拝できるということは、すごいことだという事は解っていたので、見に行ってMAITREYA Project=この世の平和と幸福、戦争、飢餓、病気、不調和、殺しなどの無い世を造る為に寄付をした。

f0040929_3523281.jpgThe way to bring peace and happiness in the world and eliminate problems such as war, famine, disease, disharmony, killing and so forth is to generate loving-kindness in the mind…

In all religions, not only Buddhism, but Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and others, the essence of the religion is loving-kindness and compassion towards others. Otherwise without compassion and loving-kindness the religion cannot benefit others.

Relics(遺骨)を見れるということは、悟りを開いたマスター達とスピリチュアルなバイブレーションより直接のコネクトができ、個人、そして世界の幸せ, 愛のエネルギーを広めるために役立てる事ができる。
詳しくは http://www.maitreyaproject.org ビデオとかもあるので解りやすいので興味ある人はクリック。

The benefit of seeing these Relics is that they provide a unique opportunity to make a personal spiritual connection with enlighted beings. These Masteres deliverately CHOSE to leave Relics behind so that we can create the causes for our own happiness, loving energy.

People have connected directly with the powerful loving energy emanating from the relics. Regardless of your religion, people feel inspired, healed and at peace simply by being in the presence of the relics. Each visitor touches the divine within them.
For more details http://www.maitreyaproject.org

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