Hideout in ROME • ローマの隠れ家



Calcata is located just a little north of Rome, Italy.
Inside of the castle is the town. Outside is all green forest. Inside the castle wall, the medival feel still exists.
(Ref my blog of CALCATA here)

This is a stove of my friend's house. He is a known actor in Hollywood and Italy for both movies and TV shows. When he is alone, he spends his time in this quiet medival town away from the gorgeous lights of the industry.
When he moved to this place, it was just a room with rocks as a part of the castle. He decorated and remodeld to this cute antique house.
In this town, there are a few more known producers and directors who have hiddout houses.

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by dolcemilia | 2006-03-16 10:55 | Roma•ローマ

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