I wonder • 何故か気になってしまう
f0040929_926250.jpg何日か前ののブログにあるLe Pain Quotidien, Santa Monica 店でフレンチ風ママの手抜き料理を習ってたその遠く背後には・・・このホームレスに人が朝食食べていた。


While I was learning the lazy French mom's egg dish at Le Pain Quotidien in Santa Monica, I saw this homeless person having breakfast in the back.
He seems to collect empty alminum cans, and maye that is his income. He had a big Santa Bag with full of cans.
I don't know why but these days I often wonder if they are eating ok, sleeping warm enough, well enough, where to take shower, everytime I see homeless people.
Unlike so many other heavily drugged out homeless people, this guy is making his own $. Bravo!

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by dolcemilia | 2006-03-14 09:33

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