3 days in Tahiti • タヒチにちょっとおじゃま
Went to Tahiti for a little while and saw Polynesian dance. Girls were looking happy and very cute. Moving their hips extremely fast. I went home and try to imitate, and of course my body is too stiff and could not do even close to that. I think moving hips is great for spine, chakra, dantien, internal organs. So, maybe I start taking this dance class. one additional thing I want to do in my busy life.....need more free time!!!


Guy dancers were looking great with tanned body. They have tattoo on the body. And that design is the symbol of each family belief.
f0040929_1514485.jpg実はタヒチではなくて、これはロスのユニバーサルスタジオであったTahitian NONIのコンベンションでタヒチから来ていたダンサー達のステージ。
このTahitian NONIにノニ入りグルメティーというのがあって、カモミール入りのSerenityは香りが良くてすごく美味しかった。

Ok...the truth is that I did not go to Tahiti. Just went to Universal Studio Hollywood. The Tahitian Noni had a convention. These were the invited dancers from Tahiti. There was Gourmet NONI tea with Camomile and it was great with wonderful aroma.

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