Sly and Micky Rourke  シルベスター・スタローンとミッキー・ロークのハングアウト

今日はそのビバリーヒルズにあるCafe Romaという外にも席がいっぱいあるレストランにてツナのカルパッチョとラザニアとアッフォガートを食べた。


昔はセクシーな俳優で映画『9& 1/2』とか好きだったのを思い出しながら、横目で座るのを見た.

そんなビバリーヒルズの午後でした。 photo today


In Beverly Hills, usually restaurants look deserted after lunch time except Saturday. There are still a lot of people eating and hanging out even after 3pm.

Today, I went to Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills to have my lunch where they have outside seats. We enjoy sun while spending time with friends. Today I had Tuna Carpaccio, Lasagna and Caffe Affogato.

2PM. Next me is Sly (Sylvester Stalone).
Tell you the truth, he just happen to be sitting next to me. Short. He has some kind of special attractiveness that I can't deny which shows that he was born under the shining star.
He talks and acts exactly the way you have seen on the screen.

3PM. After Sly has left, 3 bad guy looking guys showed up.
That's Micky Rourke.
It was hard to tell his face due to the numerous face surgeries.
While remembering his sexy old good days of the movie 9&1/2, I glanced at them sitting down.
That was my Saturday afternoon in BH.

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